Bill Keel's Galaxies Course - Copyrights and Usage

This notice explains my image use and copyright policies for images located in Bill Keel's WWW lecture notes on galaxies. All textual material not explicitly credited otherwise is copyrighted by William C. Keel. I generally grant free reproduction rights for educational projects and textbooks (contact me for details). For other uses, terms vary according to circumstances - again, feel free to contact me for specifics.

Images and other graphics not otherwise attributed herein are also mine. Illustrations taken from journals of the American Astronomical Society (that is, the Astrophysical Journal and Astronomical Journal) are reproduced by permission of the AAS, and are so indicated. NASA images reproduced here are generally non-copyrighted, and include pointers to the most direct NASA source. Note, however, that AURA has claimed rights for images released from STScI which go beyond the general NASA policy. In cases of HST material released out of NASA headquarters, it would probably require a court decision to figure this out. Actually, I was sort of waiting for someone to challenge the legal standing of the "religious materials" restriction. {Needless to say, this statement in no way reflects any opinions of my employer, colleagues, or funding agencies.] As of January 2000, NASA headquarters has directed that all HST imagery be in the public domain, though the AURA site still asserts rights. Stay tuned for further developments, and maybe some clarification...

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