Bill Keel's Intro Astronomy Resources

Course details:

  • Syllabus (spring 2009)
  • Study and preparation hints
  • Publisher's online tutor for textbook The Essential Cosmic Perspective
  • Location map for astronomy viewing area in Moundville
  • Spring 2008 study guide (topical list) for final exam (PDF)
  • Practice quizzes and answers (not quite identical to the printed ones)
  • Answers to practice quizzes in the outline booklet
  • This term's quizzes to date with answers: Quiz 1 Test 1 Quiz 2 Quiz 3 Test 2 Quiz 4
  • Check your quiz scores on the Web: go to, log in, and select the Academics tab. Scroll to the Testing Services box, and click on Student Exam Results.
  • First Spring 2009 extra-credit assignment (due March 31). Avoid trouble - see the library's guidelines on what professors define as plagiarism. A citation a day keeps the Dean at bay...
  • Demonstrations using the PC Skyglobe program
  • AY 102 lab pages

    New references for class use:

  • Images taken during extra-credit remote-observatory session, June 24, 2008: Whirlpool Galaxy M51 Globular cluster M13 Radio galaxy with jet M87 (pseudocolor)
  • Scales of the Universe (PowerPoint) - also an annotated and amplified version)
  • Phases of the Moon
  • Mars in myth and fact
  • Planetary ring systems (PowerPoint)
  • Descent to the surface of Eros
  • Galileo at Jupiter
  • Planetary satellites (PowerPoint)
  • The outer solar system
  • The Sun
  • Leonid meteors, 2001
  • Galaxy formation and evolution (PowerPoint)
  • Life on Earth - the cosmic background
  • Did the Apollo landings really happen? (PowerPoint)

    Web references: some interesting sites for topics related to astronomy for this class


  • UA Observatory public nights
  • UA Astronomy home page
  • Interactive sky chart
  • Satellites visible from Tuscaloosa


  • Martian meteorites and evidence for microfossils
  • Latest news items from the Hubble Space Telescope
  • Sky and Telescope weekly news bulletin
  • Astronomy Picture of the Day from NASA Goddard
  • Latest releases from the Chandra X-ray observatory and infrared results from the Spitzer Space Telescope
  • Cassini orbiter and Huygens probe around Saturn
  • Mars Exploration Rovers and Mars Express on and around to Mars
  • Mars Global Surveyor, Mars Odyssey 2001, and Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter orbiting Mars (plus Phoenix polar lander mission during 2008)
  • Pictures from the Galileo orbiter around Jupiter
  • By popular demand - Galileo's middle finger! (you folks are sick...)
  • Mars Pathfinder lander and Sojourner rover
  • Near-Earth Asteroid Rendezvous (NEAR Shoemaker) and its mission to the minor planet Eros
  • Deep Space 1 and Comet Borrelly
  • MESSENGER on the way to Mercury
  • The New Horizons probe en route to the (dwarf) planet Pluto
  • The Dawn probe en route to dwarf planet Ceres and asteroid Vesta (and maybe one more)
  • Bad Astronomy - what not to believe!


  • Latest satellite weather pictures
  • Terrestrial impact craters
  • Earth photos from space missions
  • Nighttime pictures from space: city lights
  • Recent earthquake data (US Geological Survey)
  • Real-time aurora information


  • Current phase of the Moon (from US Naval Observatory)
  • Lunar Prospector mission
  • Lunar images from the Clementine mission
  • History of lunar exploration
  • Apollo Lunar Surface Journal
  • Google Moon


  • Mars Exploration
  • Welcome to the Planets information site
  • Browse planetary maps
  • Views of the Solar System
  • Magellan radar atlas of Venus
  • Digital atlas of Mars
  • Mars Global Surveyor images of the "Face on Mars" and the Happy Face on Mars.
  • Google Mars


  • Daily sunspot pictures from Big Bear Solar Observatory
  • Daily visible, ultraviolet, and X-ray solar views


  • Planetary nebulae
  • 51 Pegasi planet reports
  • California Extrasolar Planet Detection Project
  • Google Sky


  • An introduction to galaxies
  • UA collection of galaxy pictures
  • Gallery of Quasars and Active Galactic Nuclei
  • Ned Wright's fabulous cosmology tutorial from UCLA
  • Movie of stars orbiting the Galactic Center from the Max-Planck Institut für Extraterrestriche Physik
  • Stellar motions near Galactic Center and infrared variability movie from UCLA group
  • MPEG animation of galaxy collision by Frank Summers, Chris Mihos, and Lars Hernquist, from STScI


  • NASA Shuttle/Space Station web page
  • NASA Watch
  • Jonathan McDowell's weekly space newsletter
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