Random Topics on Space History

I've collected a few things that either caught my fancy or are not properly represented elsewhere on the Web. With luck, this list will grow.

  • Telescopic tracking of the Apollo lunar missions
  • Telescopic tracking of Lunar Orbiter
  • Soviet and Russian space hardware and history
  • Some anniversary pictures from the first shuttle landing, April 1981: first sight on approach, over a lakebed mirage just before touchdown, and throwing up a long rooster tail of dust during its touchdown roll.
  • Identification of stars seen in the background of the ultraviolet pictures of the Earth taken with the Carruthers UV camera from Apollo 16 on the lunar surface.
  • Shuttle orbiter Endeavour flyby over NASA Stennis Space Center on 19 September 2012: approach (with same lens as used for STS-1 landing above), flyby, and departure over flags.
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