Data compilations and catalogs

  • IRAS-selected active nuclei
  • Radio-galaxy redshifts
  • Catalog of Markarian galaxies
  • Sigma-CLEAN deconvolution source code
  • Karachentsev catalog of double galaxies

    Galaxy spectra

  • Nuclear spectrum of NGC 4569 as shown here
  • FUSE spectra below are as described by Keel et al. AJ 128, in press
  • FUSE spectrum of NGC 604, FITS (as observed)
  • FUSE spectrum of NGC 604, with foreground H2 removed by profile fitting
  • FUSE spectrum of NGC 7714, FITS (0.1 A pixels, needs rebinning and airglow clipping for most uses)
  • Similar files for fainter M33 H II regions: NGC 588 | NGC 592 | NGC 595

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