Aerospace Science for Educators

(Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics 120)

Course details:

  • Syllabus (PDF)
  • Instructor: William C. Keel, Dept. of Physics and Astronomy, 311B Gallalee Hall, 348-1641 ( email)

  • Current assignment: Moonwatching. Between now and September 14, on every clear night you can, note the following about the appearance of the Moon: (1) its phase (make a sketch, noting which way is up), (2) time of night and date, (3) Moon's location in the sky (for example, compass bearing and altitude above horizon; again, a sketch may help). When you turn it in in class on the 14th, include your results from the above, and describe what patterns you see connecting these bits of information.
  • Animated class picture from Huntsville trip
  • Location map for astronomy viewing area in Moundville
  • How to avoid trouble - see the library's guidelines on what professors define as plagiarism. A citation a day keeps the Dean at bay...
  • Demonstrations using the PC Skyglobe program


  • UA Observatory public nights
  • UA Astronomy home page
  • Interactive sky chart
  • Satellites visible from Tuscaloosa


  • Latest news items from the Hubble Space Telescope
  • Sky and Telescope weekly news bulletin
  • Astronomy Picture of the Day from NASA Goddard
  • Mars Exploration Rovers and Mars Global Surveyor
  • Bad Astronomy - what not to believe!


  • Latest satellite weather pictures
  • Terrestrial impact craters
  • Earth photos from space missions
  • Nighttime pictures from space: city lights
  • Recent earthquake data (US Geological Survey)
  • Real-time aurora information


  • Current phase of the Moon (from US Naval Observatory)
  • Lunar images from the Clementine mission
  • History of lunar exploration
  • Apollo Lunar Surface Journal


  • Mars Exploration
  • Welcome to the Planets information site
  • Browse planetary images
  • Views of the Solar System
  • Magellan radar atlas of Venus
  • Digital atlas of Mars
  • Mars Global Surveyor images of the "Face on Mars" and the Happy Face on Mars.
  • Eclipse shots: MER transits | Saturn shadow | Uranus shadow transit | Venus in transit, 1882 | Mercury transit 8 Nov 2006


  • Daily sunspot pictures from Big Bear Solar Observatory
  • Daily visible, ultraviolet, and X-ray solar views


  • NASA Shuttle/Space Station web page
  • NASA Watch
  • Jonathan McDowell's weekly space newsletter
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