Interacting Galaxy Pair CPG 19

This R-band image shows the galaxy pair CPG 19, from Karachentsev's catalog of galaxy pairs. The image was obtained with the 1.1-m Hall telescope of Lowell Observatory. This pair of 14th-magnitude galaxies lies in the direction of Andromeda, only about 3 degrees from the Andromeda Galaxy M31. They are, however, about 100 times as distant, at about 250 million (rather than 2.2 million) light-years. The brighter northern galaxy is catalogued as NGC 317A, and the other one is NGC 317B following Karachentsev's origina catalog. The southern spiral shows a tidally distended arm, indicated a history of significant interaction with the brighter elliptical galaxy. The image is displayed using a logarithmic intensity transformation, spanning an area about 7.3 by 7.2 arcminutes. For sanity, north is up and east to the left.

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