Globular cluster M71

The globular cluster Messier 71 (NGC 6838) in Sagitta, shown from a 15-second V-band exposure with a Tektronix 2048x2048 CCD at the prime focus of the 4-meter Mayall telescope of Kitt Peak National Observatory. North is at the top and east to the left, for direct comparison with a chart or eyepiece view. A 512x512-pixel region is shown in this presentation, which uses a logarithmic intensity transformation to preserve information across a wide dynamic range. The field shown is 3.6 arcminutes square. This cluster presents a visual impression that looks more like a very rich open cluster (such as M11) than typical globular clusters, being rather sparse compared to some of its kin in this part of the sky. Or at least that's what my vintage 6-inch reflector shows from the front yard...

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